Top 5 Ways to Help your Content go Viral


For almost a decade, integrated marketing agency Smart Monkey Marketing has been creating digital content for a variety of industries including training consultancy, airport parking and skincare. With more and more businesses fighting for attention online, getting your content to go viral is becoming more of a challenge.

However, to give your content more chance of going viral, follow our 5 top tips below:

1. Provide relevant content

In these modern times, people are continually bombarded with information from all angles, so to give yours more chance of going viral, you need to develop content people will actually go out of their way to read. As with all marketing, finding out what people actually want is the key. We create ‘personas’ for our client’s target markets, which helps us to understand who they are, what they are looking for, what keeps them up at night, etc. These personas then help us to create tailored content, which gives it a better chance of going viral.

Sometimes simply gathering facts, figures or other information that is already out on the internet into one place and making it easy for people to share can produce some of the best viral results. One example is The Guardian’s ‘Great Interviews of the 20th Century’, which contained interviews from famous people that were first distributed within the newspaper and then made available on the website for people to download and share.

2. Target your core followers

Research who your key influencers and followers are and develop content that will strike their cord and give you more chance of going viral. One great example is marketing guru, Seth Godin and his IdeaVirus ebook. Originally distributed to his core followers, the ebook quickly spread helping to generate over 200,000 backlinks to his website and blog. Free content providing useful ideas and information will often spread like wildfire if aimed at the right targeted audience.

3. Embrace social media

It goes without saying, but to give your content more chance of going viral, you’ve got to embrace social media and make it as easy as possible for people to share your content by including social media buttons.

4. Call to action

You would be amazed how many people waste fantastic viral content opportunities, simply by not paying attention to their call to action. You can write a fantastic article, ebook, white paper or news story but if you don’t include a decent call to action, your content is pretty much wasted. When you write your call to action, make sure it is compelling enough for people to actually take action and make it as easy as possible for people to see what you want them to do, for example, say at the bottom – “please retweet”, or “share me on LinkedIn”.

5. Timing

As with most marketing techniques, timing is key. If you send your industry ground breaking ebook out at 6.30pm on a Friday evening, you’re unlikely to get much of a take up. The best days to send B2B content is normally earlier in the week when people are generally more receptive and feel they have more time to indulge in online reading. However, the timing really needs to be tailored to who you are targeting, for example, a nocturnal computer whizzkid may be more receptive to content in the early hours of the morning.

Digital content that goes viral is the holy grail for many internet marketers. Not only does the brand benefit, but with the fight for excellent search engine optimisation becoming more and more competitive, the backlinks that can be generated from a successful viral content campaign can propel your website to the top of the listings.

We hope that following these simple steps will help your content go viral. Tell us how you get on @smartmonkeyUK.

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