Email Marketing – The Benefits

Email marketing is an extremely cost effective marketing tool and when used correctly, can help sales reach new levels.

Pretty much any business out there can benefit from email marketing, so it is no wonder that businesses far and wide are adopting the marketing medium, especially in these uncertain financial times.

A good email marketing campaign can help you not only make more sales now, but will stand you in good stead for the economic recovery.

Increasing Sales Conversion

When making most purchases, a typical buyer will carry out varying degrees of research depending on the cost before making their purchasing decision.

Research indicates that it can take the average shopper up to nine visits before they make a buying decision. Therefore, it is at this point that contact with the prospect is at its most important.

If you have gathered the prospect’s email address, you have added ammunition. You can email your monthly newsletter, a free report on how to choose the best product or service, information about new products or services and promotions or vouchers to give an added incentive.

Email marketing enables you to stay in contact with the prospect, keeping your product or service in their mind whilst they are making the purchasing decision and ultimately giving you the edge to convert the sale.

One word of advice, always ensure you have asked your prospects to ‘opt-in’ or ‘opt-out’ so that you stay legal and know the person actually wants to receive information about your company, product or service.

Encourage Repeat Sales, Cross Sell and Up Sell

It can cost up to ten times more to acquire a new customer than it is to retain an existing one, so once you have their custom, you need to hold onto it.

In tough times, competition is rife and those pesky competitors will be doing everything in their power to tempt your customers to stray. The best way to encourage your clients to stay loyal is by building a relationship with them over time.

Emarketing comes into its own by building relationships that help turn your first time customer into a loyal repeat customer.

Providing information, tips, advice, vouchers, competitions and special offers all add value to the relationship with your client and leave a far longer impression than a solely sell, sell, sell, one way communication.

Your existing customer base also provides you with the opportunity to cross or up sell. Providing information on other related products or services that the customer may be interested in helps to increase the value per client.

Amazon do a brilliant job of cross and up selling. Next time you place an order on the site, keep an eye out for the follow up email that provides you with a selection of other related items that you might be interested in.

Drive Email Recipients to Purchase Offline

Email marketing is not just reserved for online purchasing. Many organisations use emarketing successfully to drive footfall to their business outlets or shops.

This is for many reasons. Maybe the party girl wants to go and try on the new backless dress she has seen on her favourite fashion shops weekly email update or the fitness fanatic wants to try out the new exercise bike to check it has all the settings he wants.

One of our clients providing cosmetic surgery receives an upsurge in enquiries through their call centre following each bi-monthly e-newsletter send. The email send is acting as a reminder for the recipients to call and find out more information about the treatments and book their appointments.

Monitor and Improve

The beauty of digital marketing is that you can glean performance data on most methods if you are using the right systems and know what to look for.

The reporting tools available when using email marketing are fairly unique and for this reason, help make e-marketing one of the most valuable communication mediums out there.

Email systems enable users to track how many people opened the email, exactly who opened it and where they clicked, what the most popular links were and areas or products of most interest, what send day and time worked best, whether the people clicking through then did what we wanted them to do, etc.

This information provides instant feedback that can help us to see which emails performed the best and why. From these results, we can make improvements to future emails to give the recipient more of what they want and ultimately drive more enquiries and sales.

Competitive Edge

By keeping your company in your customers minds whether on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, email marketing is giving brands all over a competitive edge in a tough marketplace.

Targeted, quick to action and cost effective, email marketing enables businesses to maintain dialogue and stay in touch with their customer database on a regular basis.

The benefits for the businesses who keep that dialogue going are significant, not only with immediate sales, but also long-term. These are the businesses that when things do start to pick up, people will come to first.

If you are keen to see e-marketing working for your business, you can find more information on our email marketing support on our website, or please get in touch.