How we helped a professional services firm go from zero visibility in London, to generating over 56 leads every month

  • Top ranking for key search terms
  • 279% increase in organic traffic
  • Over 56 quality leads every month
  • One happy client

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Beth Nash
SEO Expert

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Who we are

Here at Smart Monkey, we are passionate about helping our clients’ make more money.

We are a team of experts specialising in organic SEO and paid advertising for professional services and B2B websites. Our goal with every project we undertake, is to help your business flourish without you having to lift a finger.

We get our nerdy kicks from propelling our client’s websites to the top of Google for their key search terms. Our clients’ get their commercial kicks from seeing the increase in enquiries and revenue that their site delivers as we unleash our skills.

We are results-based, no long-term contracts needed. When you see our results, you’ll be with us for good.

If you’re struggling with limited incoming leads and have the capability to grow, we should talk.

Generate Quality Leads

We help you to build a lead generating website that delivers quality inbound enquiries from people actively searching for your service or product.

Increase Sales & Revenue

With 81% of internet users searching for a product or service to buy in the past month, we scale your sales by ensuring your website is visible.

Strong Brand Awareness

We help you to build a strong online presence through the delivery of enlightening content that positions you as an expert in your industry field.

Gather Informative Data

The beauty of digital marketing is the data. We will show you what is working so you know where to invest your budget for greater returns.

Professional Services Case Study

The immense competition in London for this sector’s search terms hasn’t stopped us from delivering amazing results for this client.

From no visibility in the top 100 on Google for any of their sector related search terms in London when we started working with the firm, we have taken them to no.1 on the local map pack and page 1 of the organic search results for a number of keywords, including the holy grail of their main keyword + London.

In the time we have worked with this firm, we have helped them consistently receive over 56 enquiries every month.

How we did it

Having invested heavily in PR and events over the last few years, this professional services firm was now looking for a better return from their marketing budget.

The firm had been told by the PR agency they worked with, ‘not to bother optimising for London’ because it is ‘too competitive’. Pah, we said! One man’s defeat is another man’s challenge…

And so, our work commenced.

We know what needs to happen to get a site ranking, and we were confident the client had their ducks in order ready for growth.

  • 7 established branches across London and Kent
  • Well-respected professional services firm with a solid reputation
  • A marketing plan and budget for growth

Although this was all great, there were some fundamental areas that we needed to work on before we could start building content that would drive enquiries.

During the first month, we worked closely with the client to build the vital foundations that underpin a successful SEO strategy.

  • Priority areas for growth explored with the client
  • Objective identified: generate more London enquiries
  • Technical site audit to uncover and resolve any issues
  • Analytics and tracking set up properly to measure lead conversions
  • Local SEO audit
  • Data and research analysed to decipher the most profitable keywords

Achieving Visibility in London Quickly

Based on 50 highly relevant search terms, there are around 52,000 Google searches in London every month for this client’s sector.

This provides a huge opportunity to impact sales and revenue, but it also means there is a large amount of competition, and a lot of other firms appearing in the organic search results were ahead of the game with the optimisation and content on their sites.

So, over the first few months, our primary goal was to work on the client’s local map pack rankings as this was identified as the quickest first step to helping them gain visibility in London.

  • Local landing page optimisation
  • Enhanced and optimised Google My Business listings
  • Ensured NAP (Name, Address, Phone) consistency
  • Competitor citation analysis
  • Citation building

First Milestone = No.3 London Map Pack

With all of the above ticked off, in the first 3 months of working with this client, we helped them move from no ranking in the top 40, to ranking at no.3 in the local map pack results in London.

As a result, the client saw a 32% increase in actions (visit your website, request directions, call you) from their local listing.

Local SEO goes hand in hand with organic SEO, and as a result of the work we carried out in the first 3 months, their organic search traffic also started to make a small increase of 76% YoY.

Otherwise, keep on reading

Second Milestone = Focus on Organic SEO

Our next step was to focus on improving the site’s organic SEO ranking – helping to get the site appearing on the first page of Google for the keywords that are being searched by people looking for this firm’s services in London 52,000 times every month.

As a ‘money or your life’ type website, a Google EAT audit was essential to ensure the site covered Google’s extensive guidelines on demonstrating ‘Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness’.

We then developed an extensive content strategy that focused on consolidating old content, improving the existing site content, and creating new content written specifically to either target content working well for a competitor or to take advantage of a content gap.

  • Google EAT audit
  • Competitor content research
  • Content audit
  • Content strategy
  • Content delivery and optimisation
  • Build site authority

We now bring in over 56 quality enquiries every month

As a result of our work, the client is now receiving an average of 56 new enquiries every month from their website.

We have increased the number of keywords ranking on the first page by 488% with a search volume increase of 620%.

The site has seen a massive 279% increase in organic traffic, and a whopping 309% increase in new users on the site YoY.

The firm is now at No.1 of the local map listings for their holy grail ‘keyword London’, which has resulted in a 67% increase in customer actions from their local listing.

Over the last quarter, their site has been found on local maps by over 2000 website visitors, and on the organic search listings by almost 6000 website visitors.

Professional Service businesses we deliver results for

We have worked with an enviable list of professional services businesses over the 15 years that we have been providing digital services – some examples of sectors we can deliver exceptional results for include:

Legal firms

Accountancy firms



Financial companies

Estate agents

Cleaning companies

Construction firms

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Beth Nash
SEO Expert

Simply fill in your details using the form, find a day and time that works for you to speak to our Head Honcho, Beth, and take the next step to scaling your business growth.