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Innovative uses of social media

A lot of people get social media wrong because, like every new bandwagon they hastily jump onto, they see it as the sole answer to all their problems. It’s important to think of social media as a toolset for engaging with your customers in new and exciting ways, rather than just another channel to shout…READ MORE

Diesel Cam

Why bother to blog?

Blogging has become an essential part of any successful marketing and social media strategy. If you are already blogging, then congratulations on recognising the importance of this great marketing tool – the following article will help you to hone and refine your blogging skills. If you haven’t yet caught the blogging bug, then the same…READ MORE

Why Bother To Blog?

Digital Marketing – Blogging, SEO and Widgets!

Blogging, SEO, widgets, viral… don’t worry – this isn’t a Doctor Who script and you won’t catch a nasty bug. These wacky words are elements of digital marketing. Digital marketing is promoting your business mainly through the internet. Other elements such as mobile and sms texts are included but the majority of techniques are online:…READ MORE