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Why should my business have a Google+ Account?

The early days of Google+ didn’t really see it making much of an impact. Frankly, it didn’t stand a chance at overtaking Facebook or Twitter. Things have changed a bit since then though and more businesses are standing up and paying attention to Google+. The clue is in the name really – it’s Google. Of…READ MORE

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Like, share, delete, report (Pro’s and Con’s of Social Media)

Business and social media The world of the internet and its wide use of social media has greatly connected our real life to the world wide web, so much so that it is undoubtedly now part of our lives. For instance, consider the word ‘tweet’ – do you think of the chirping noise of a…READ MORE

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Top Ten Twitter Tips for Newbies

Twitter can be a strange environment to a new user, with new lingo to learn and a whole world of new people to discover. With time and practice it will start to make sense but here are a few quick tips to give you a head start in this fresh and exciting world. If you…READ MORE

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Google + ‘Helpouts’ – Hangouts become more helpful

Never one to sit and wait for the next emerging trend to present itself to the marketplace, internet search giant, Google, has once again been the first to launch a new service that is likely to become quite a hit. Google’s first attempt at joining the social media arena with Google+, on June 28th 2011,…READ MORE

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Social media is a Fitch

In today’s online driven world, it’s hard to believe that the CEO of a global company wouldn’t appreciate the importance of knowing when to keep his opinions to himself. American clothing giant Abercrombie & Fitch came under fire earlier this month for refusing to manufacture clothes for larger customers. Apparently having overweight women wearing their…READ MORE


Email Marketing: The Facts

There’s no doubt about it; email has revolutionised the way we communicate with one another. Whether this is outside of work or for business, we believe it’s the best way of getting our message across and sharing information. In the office, on the go, and even as we sleep, emails are sent around the world…READ MORE

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What are you REALLY feeding Fido?

One of the advantages of working at a marketing agency is that having a strong opinion is positively encouraged, even when it’s about non-work related matters –as those who know me will attest to, I have an opinion on most things. That is the beauty of a company blog. I get to speak publicly about…READ MORE


Tweak your Tweets

Ok, so you may already be a “Facebook Fanatic“, “LinkedIn Lover” or perhaps a “Social Media Sceptic“, but one thing you should be getting your head around, sooner rather than later, is the true power of the blue bird. I’m not talking about the medium-sized winged creature belonging to the thrush family which has a…READ MORE

Tweak your Tweets

Top 7 Memes

The internet is an amazing network that facilitates global collaboration and the rapid spread of ideas. Sometimes people collaborate to produce new tools and technology. Sometimes people organise popular movements. Sometimes, it’s just funny. Memes demonstrate that the internet is essentially a global petri dish for ideas. Wikipedia describes a meme as “an idea, behaviour…READ MORE

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Social Media Damage Control

It’s not exactly groundbreaking news when people refer to us as a nation of moaners – it’s a fact. (I read it in The Sun a while back, so it must be true!) As a nation, we find it incredibly easy to have a good old moan about everything and anything and it seems that…READ MORE

Social Media Damage Control