Digital Marketing Innovations

Coke Zero

Developments in digital marketing are fast and furious. Blink and you’ll miss a lot of the innovations.

From using Twitter to order your coffee to Lego characters brought to life in 3D before purchase, find some of our favourite digital marketing innovations this month below.

Texans use Twitter to order coffee to go

Customers to a coffee house in Texas can now order their coffee in advance via Twitter.

Customers send a short ‘tweet’ and their coffee is then ready on collection. With customer numbers doubled at the coffee house since the introduction of the innovative idea, how long will it be before tweeting streamlines our day to perfection?!

Texting for free Coke

In Madrid, an interactive mega-poster was created for Coke Zero. A blow up image of a vending machine was plastered over scaffolding around a building in the centre of Madrid with a number that passing people could send a text message to with the word ‘zero’. Each entrant then received a code that entitled them to a free Coke Zero from the real vending machine at the entrance to the building.

3D Lego Demo Kits

In Copenhagen, children can hold up a Lego box to an in-store kiosk to see a 3D animation of some of the possible models before they decide to buy (or more likely, pester their parents to buy for them!).