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What is paid social?

As part of our digital services, we provide specialist skills for advertising on social channels, as opposed to social media posting or general messaging. We provide expertise on advertising opportunities on all major platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Snapchat and TikTok.

Our experience in digital marketing means we know how to make social media advertising campaigns successful. We use paid social for our clients to drive quick results and connect with carefully targeted audiences.

Our services for paid social

The social media landscape is dominated by key platforms, each of which offer exciting potential benefits for advertisers. We advise clients on which platforms are best suited to their business, and create campaigns designed to deliver results.

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Our approach for paid social campaigns that deliver results

We take a three-stage approach to paid social advertising that combines data analytics, strategic thinking and clear performance measures.

Data-led research

The large amount of data users share on their social accounts enables us to go beyond traditional demographic and geographic data. We target campaigns based on a range of deeper level metrics for greater results.

When embarking on a paid social campaign, our primary goal is to understand your business and what success will look like to you. For example, is the end goal to build brand awareness or to generate web form enquiries, a telephone call, an online purchase or an event registration?

Next, we carry out a website audit to ensure your site content and user experience is set up to achieve the campaign goals. With the wealth of data available on social media platforms, the opportunity for extreme targeting is immense. By asking the right questions, utilising Google Analytics and your existing customer data, we build a clear picture of your target audience.

Paid social strategy

We will use the data gathered during the research phase to develop a highly optimised social media advertising strategy that will reach the target audience and achieve your goals.

The strategy will include recommendations to improve and evolve your website to support the campaigns. We will detail the actions required to structure the advertising account and campaigns on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

At the end of the process, our social advertising strategy and schedule will clearly show the key deliverables and actions. We will commit to a schedule of when the work will be carried out, providing you with complete transparency.

Implement and optimise

Before setting the social advertising campaigns live, our social experts set up advanced tracking to enable us to analyse the results, highlight the highest converting activity and feed improvements back into your campaigns.

We continually test and evolve your social media advertising to optimise your budget and return on investment. To ensure you have maximum visibility and to check we are meeting our performance goals, we provide a monthly report detailing our activity, results and next steps.

“Our company started working with Smart Monkey earlier in the year and we have been very impressed with how they have helped our business. They created digital campaigns using Google AdWords and LinkedIn that marketed our national conferences and tradeshows. They also worked to optimise our website. All of their hard work led to an increase in visitors for our shows.”

PPMA Limited

The benefits of paid social ads

  • Extreme segmentation and targeting
    The huge amounts of data within social platforms allows advertisers a wealth of micro-targeting opportunities.
  • Accurate tracking
    Tracking techniques for social ads are very well developed and accurate, and available to all advertisers.
  • Integration with other digital channels
    Social advertising is at its most effective when working alongside PPC, SEO, content marketing and digital PR.
  • Suitable for any kind of business
    The reach of social platforms opens up options for businesses of all kinds and all sizes, and can be especially useful for smaller businesses.
  • Effective for many marketing goals
    Social advertising can be created to deliver brand awareness, lead generation, website traffic, sales and much more.
  • Extensive reach among mobile users
    Mobile users spend a lot of time on social platforms, giving advertisers a ready-made opportunity to market on handheld devices.
  • Data gathering from audience interactionThe rich data available from social platforms can be used to generate important insights on the behaviour of consumer groups and individuals.

Why choose Smart Monkey as your paid social agency?

  • We have specialist paid social advertising skills, with a wealth of experience of strategy, creation and implementation
  • We stay completely up to date with best practice content marketing for our clients
  • We are a ‘white hat’ paid social agency ensuring we operate in line with platform rules and best practice
  • We have high level, paid social skills throughout our team, including in research, creative and data-driven optimisation
  • We are proud to have a high client retention rate, and to receive multiple referrals from our clients
  • Clients are always able to speak directly with the paid social experts working on their account, rather than an account manager who doesn’t carry out the work
  • We are extremely ethical and ensure clients have ownership of results, services and technologies, without tie-ins which they do not need
  • We make sure we’re the right paid social agency for our clients, and that our clients are a good fit with us – if the chemistry isn’t right, we know from experience that the relationship won’t work

FAQs to help you hire the best paid social agency for your business

Social platforms offer advertisers to pay for advertising opportunities on their platforms. The main platforms are LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Snapchat and TikTok. The huge reach of social platforms and micro-targeting allows businesses to get their messages in front of an audience which organic search cannot access.

We are an agile, independent agency with proven expertise in paid social marketing for many clients operating in different markets. We will only work with you if we are confident we can help you get the results you want – if your sector is too competitive and you can’t compete with your budget, we will tell you.

Our team is made up of genuinely approachable people who are down to earth, don’t use jargon and are totally professional. Our clients have direct contact with the person working on your content campaigns. With a long track record in multiple aspects of digital marketing, you can rely on us to deliver great results for your business.

Our core service is organic SEO linked closely with paid social advertising, content and paid search – our digital services all work in sync together for our clients. We have come from a full service marketing background and so bring a fundamental understanding of marketing – we know what makes audiences tick. The results we deliver show that we are really good at what we do. We are 100% focused on delivering exceptional digital marketing for our clients.

Our fees for paid social are based on providing professional resources for research, strategy, creative, implementation and optimisation. We agree with clients on the right amount of time spent each month to achieve the results you are aiming for. We are also proactive about optimising campaigns and moving resource to the best performing campaigns.

Be wary of businesses quoting the cheapest fees. If a paid social agency is charging rock bottom prices, you are probably not going to get the results you need for your business.

Paid social is relatively quick to set up and most campaigns will see results pretty instantly.

Initial results can always be improved by continual optimisation and ongoing campaigns.

Our experienced and highly skilled paid social experts will be working on your account from the very beginning. You will deal directly with the people working on your paid social campaigns, not an account manager acting as an intermediary.

We have been perfecting our digital marketing skills, including paid social advertising, for over 16 years. We use data and tools to know what content to write to help your website get the results you are looking for. We know what makes content and campaigns work and what doesn’t in many different sectors.

We know how to navigate the minefield of setting up campaigns that work on multiple platforms. We are always completely up to date with the different platforms, and we ensure our clients are making the most of their budget. We have a tried and tested process in place that generates results for our clients.

There are thousands and thousands of guides, articles, YouTube videos out there that you could use to learn from. However, our clients see the value in using our specialist content marketing expertise, so that they can have confidence in achieving results and can concentrate on running their business.

We constantly monitor our clients’ accounts and making small tweaks to optimise the ads daily. We schedule more extensive management time throughout the month to carry out actions such as setting up new campaigns and testing opportunities on different social platforms.

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With over 16 years’ providing digital services, we know what needs to happen to rank your website on Google – we do it day in, day out, and thrive on seeing the results we achieve. Working with Smart Monkey, you will benefit from:

  • better results online for your B2B, B2C or ecommerce website
  • a mastermind of Google Accredited SEO & PPC professionals on your team
  • direct contact with the talented team members working on your website
  • an independent and agile agency that treats your business as though it is our own

We don’t take on every client – we will only work with you if we are confident that we can generate results. Fill in our form or book a consultation to set up a call and we will analyse your website, market and competitors to provide our recommendations for the results we can achieve.

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