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We implement highly targeted social advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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The large amount of data users share on their social accounts enables us to go beyond traditional demographic and geographic data, and target your business based on a range of deeper level metrics for greater results.

When embarking on a social advertising campaign, our primary goal is to understand your business and what success will look like to you.  For example, is the end goal to build brand awareness or to generate web form enquiries, a telephone call, an online purchase or an event registration?

With this information, our first port of call is to carry out a website audit to ensure your site content and user experience is set up to achieve the campaign goals.

With the wealth of data available on social media platforms such as Facebook, the opportunity for extreme targeting is immense.  By asking the right questions, utilising Google Analytics and your existing customer data, we build a clear picture of your target audience.

We will use the data gathered during the research phase to develop a highly optimised social media advertising strategy that will reach the target audience and deliver the goal.

The strategy will include recommendations to improve and evolve your website to support the campaigns and the actions required to structure the advertising account and campaigns on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

At the end of the process, our social advertising strategy and schedule will clearly show the key deliverables, actions and when the work will be carried out, providing you with complete transparency.

Before setting the social advertising live, our social experts set up advanced tracking to enable us to analyse the results, highlight the highest converting activity and feed improvements back into your campaigns.

We are continually testing and evolving your social media advertising to optimise your budget and return on investment.

To ensure you have maximum visibility and to check we are meeting our performance goals, we provide a monthly report detailing our activity, results and next steps.

Working with Smart Monkey Marketing

We believe in providing you with complete transparency. At the beginning of every month, you will know our intended actions, the deliverables and deadlines we will meet.

Our experienced social media consultants provide regular updates, progress reporting and discussions regarding future strategy.

Our agile approach and close monitoring means that we are continually testing and evolving your campaigns to find new, untapped opportunities and ultimately, deliver the best return on investment.

We don’t believe in signing you into a lengthy contract – we retain our clients through the results that we achieve and our genuine business ethics.

Smart Monkey has supported the successful delivery of the Your Choice social media campaign. Making full use of their knowledge and expertise in relation to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, they maximised the campaign’s accessibility and appeal to our target audience and significantly raised its profile.

West Sussex County Council – Your Choice Campaign

Violent Crime Reduction Officer

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