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With our Head Honcho, Beth Nash, starting out as a traditional marketer back in the late 90’s, search engines such as Yahoo! and Ask Jeeves were in full swing, and Google was about to take over the world.

Although most of the marketing happening at the time was still very much weighted to traditional, by the time Smart Monkey started in 2006, SEO was very much alive and a part of the service we provided to West Sussex businesses. Over the last 16 years, SEO has changed dramatically, and we have been lucky enough to experience, and be a part of, the rise of digital marketing.

Our traditional marketing roots and Chartered Marketer status with the Chartered Institute of Marketing, have given us the extra edge in helping us to master the art of SEO and ensure that we are always focused on the customer to provide the end-results for your business.

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Our SEO Agency has been helping businesses in West Sussex reach the top of Google for over 16 years

As you have landed on this page, and you are reading this content, we can safely assume that you are looking for help with SEO for your business in West Sussex.

Maybe you searched for terms such as ‘SEO Agency West Sussex’, ‘SEO Services West Sussex’, ‘SEO Company West Sussex’, ‘West Sussex SEO’, or something similar, and you found our website. This page you have landed on has been optimised within an inch of its life to rank for these keywords, because we want businesses like you to be able to find us.

And this is exactly what we can do to drive traffic to your website.

We are experts in optimising websites and SEO campaigns that gain top positions on the search engines for the keywords that will bring visitors looking for what your business offers.

Our team of SEO experts has a proven track-record spanning over 16 years providing SEO services structured to gain top positions on the search engines. We have built up our SEO experience as Google has grown, we know what works and what doesn’t, and we have used this knowledge to help businesses across West Sussex generate real results from their websites.

To start gaining results-generating rankings and challenge your competitors in the search results, get in touch with our SEO team today.

Why do you need a West Sussex SEO Agency?

It’s a good question – why do you need a West Sussex SEO agency? You could just go and optimise your own website – there are countless articles, videos and courses on how to gain top rankings for your website. But it would take you hours and hours to get up to speed with Google’s parameters, learn the in’s and out’s of seo, to become an expert in content strategy, and to know how to build a good quality backlink.

We have done all this hard work for you – we have over 16 years’ experience helping businesses like yours gain top results in the search engines. We know what to do with canonicals and broken URLs, we can make sure your site is adhering to Google’s EEAT parameters (especially important if you are a professional services company such as an accountancy firm, financial adviser, solicitor or law firm or any ecommerce firm), we have the industry-leading SEO tools that help us devise a content strategy that is going to bring your target audience to your site, and we have direct contacts with high domain authority sites to help your website gain a quality backlink profile.

We hold multiple qualifications and certificates from digital leaders including Google, Bing and Moz, we are Google Partners, SEMRush Accredited and hold Chartered Marketer status with The Chartered Institute of Marketing.

If you want to add a mastermind of Google Accredited SEO professionals to your team, get in touch today.

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Your local SEO company in West Sussex with 16+ years of track record

From Panda to Penguin, Payday to Pigeon and everything in between, we’ve seen all of Google’s updates roll out and helped businesses across West Sussex to rocket their SEO as a result of our white-hat SEO techniques.

We know that it is all about results – whilst we believe data is important, we prioritise results over spreadsheets. We won’t spend hours of your investment making a spreadsheet look pretty – we gather the data we need to make decisions, looking for quick wins where possible alongside longer-term gains, and implement the actions.

One of the key reasons our clients like working with us is because they talk directly to members of our team who are working on their account, rather than having to go through an account manager.

Many of our clients have been kind enough to leave us reviews on our Google profile.

Why should I choose Smart Monkey as my West Sussex SEO Agency?

We believe that you should choose Smart Monkey as your West Sussex SEO agency because we are an open, honest and transparent company with a proven track-record of helping businesses get their website to the top of Google.

The majority of our clients have come to us because they have not got the results they want with their current agency or SEO company, or they are paying high fees for little return. There are plenty of agencies out there promising results and saying they are SEO experts, but there are only a handful in West Sussex that are true experts in SEO.

As a niche independent SEO agency, we specialise solely in search engine optimisation supported with content marketingdigital PR, paid media and paid social. It is all we do, and without getting too carried away blowing our own trumpet, we’re really good at it

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From zero visibility in London to over 57 enquiries per month for London-based accountancy firm
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104% increase in online enquiries for Sussex stone company
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186% increase in organic search traffic for groundworks contractor
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25% increase in organic search traffic for office space company
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61% increase in online enquiries for Kent bookkeeping firm
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Quality SEO services from reputable SEO specialists in West Sussex

Our expert team has the experience and expertise to deliver a full range of West Sussex SEO services for leading brands and thriving SME’s.

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SEO Strategy
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SEO Audits
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Technical SEO
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Keyword Research
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On-Site Content
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Local SEO
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International SEO
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Site Migrations
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Google Penalty Recovery
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Conversion Rate Optimisation
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Digital PR & Backlink Generation
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Paid Media Advertising
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Paid Social Advertising

How much do your SEO services cost?

Unfortunately, and I know it is not what you are going to want to hear, but “it depends” is the most accurate answer to how SEO services will cost.

There are many factors that can affect how much time, and therefore how much investment is needed, to get a site ranking on the first page of Google. A well-established website with a strong domain authority (good quality backlink profile) in a not too competitive industry is going to get results far quicker and easier than a new website, entering a highly competitive industry, up against websites that have a high domain authority and large amounts of content.

As a starting point during our initial free consultation process, we will always carry out in-depth research on your website to understand what needs to happen to help you reach your goals before we provide you with an estimate.

We do not provide ‘SEO packages’ with ‘starting from’ pricing like other SEO agencies. Every website is in a different place – our job is to understand where it is and what needs to happen to get it performing how you want, not to start a package of support based on your budget. If you are operating in a highly competitive industry and you opt for a £350 per month SEO package with another SEO company, you might as well just burn your money. We will be honest with you – we won’t let you burn your money.

To summarise what great SEO and content marketing needs to deliver results and how we support this:

  • Experience (all of our team members have 5+ years SEO experience – we don’t employ juniors to work directly on client accounts, so your budget is not being used to train people)
  • Talent (our team members are highly trained, most of our team come from larger agencies in the nearby digital hub of Brighton)
  • Sufficient time (an inexperienced team with 50 hours wouldn’t get very far, an experienced team with 5 hours wouldn’t get very far – the balance has got to be right)
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What happens when you enquire about our SEO services?

When you pick up the phone or type out our form to contact us, our first action will be to set up a call with you where we will spend 15-20 minutes or so asking questions about your business. We will then go away and carry out our initial top-level research to see what the landscape looks like so that we can get an estimate of how much time we think we will need to help you get results.

We do this so that we can be sure we can get the results you need, with the budget you have available. We won’t just start working with you if we don’t think we can make an impact, so at this point, if your sector is too competitive and your budget too low, we will tell you.

We will also set expectations with you. Organic traffic is 100% free and tends to provide higher conversion rates as users prefer real results to ads. However, good SEO requires a lot of research and work, and competition is strong for most types of websites. It can also take time to pay off – SEO is not going to get you from zero visibility to the top of page one overnight.

If we believe we can make an impact for you, and you are happy with the budget estimate, we will carry out more detailed research and pull together our insights and recommendations to run through with you. Then once we have the go ahead to work with you, our team will get to work on the essential data gathering and research that will enable us to create your SEO strategy.

Find out what we can do for your business

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Hooray! We’re excited to meet you and hear about your potential project.

The first step is for us to have a discovery call to find out more about your business and what you are looking for. Fill out the form, send us an email or give us a call and we’ll be in touch the same business day where possible, but certainly within 24 hours.

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FAQs on how to hire the best SEO agency for your business

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and is the science and art of ‘optimising’ your website to help increase your online presence. When a search term is entered in Google or another search engine, the results page features a mix of paid for results (ads) and natural organic results.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and in simple terms is the practice of getting a website to show up on the search engine results page of search engines like Google.

The answer in short is no, it is not easy to get to the top of the organic search results. However, with the right approach, it is possible, and the effort and investment will depend on a number of different variables such as how long your site has been live, how competitive your keywords are, how authoritative your site is, etc. When we started helping websites get to the top of the search engines, it was a lot easier. The tactics were pretty much to get as many of your keywords on every page of your website and you’d pretty much get onto the first page or top of results. Links were also a key factor, as they are today, but websites went with quantity rather than quality. As a result, this became heavily abused with people farming out large quantities of links to get as many as possible. Over the last decade+, it has got a lot harder. Gaining results in the top spots needs up to date knowledge of the complexities and different parameters Google is using in its algorithms. It’s more than just keywords and number of links, it’s user experience, time on site, are people reading your content, is your site credible, your reputation across the web, who is linking to your site, etc. etc.

To get to number 1 on Google, you need to build a website that meets or exceeds all of Google’s ranking factors. Although we don’t know exactly what these ranking factors are, we have a pretty good understanding of what Google likes to see which is in a nutshell a well-built, technically sound website with great quality content at its core, and a strong domain authority. Google’s mission is “to organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”, so if your business can provide a quality, information-rich website that will benefit the searcher, you are more likely to be ranked.

It depends on a number of factors as to how long it will take to get to the top of Google such as how competitive the keywords are you want to rank for, how good your content is, whether you have a strong backlink profile and domain authority, and many other reasons from Google’s 200+ ranking factors.

You should add keywords to your website but they need to be carefully analysed and then mapped to relevant pages on your website. Adding keywords throughout your site will cause keyword cannibalisation, which makes it hard for Google to decipher what keywords you want each page of your website to rank for.

Backlinks are great, but you need to get quality and relevant backlinks. A high quality backlink from The Express is worth £££’s more than 10 low-quality links from unknown websites. If you carry out farmed link building, you run the risk of a Google penalty.

A core algorithm update is when Google makes changes to its algorithm to clean up its search results and reward quality sites. Google is carrying out daily algorithm updates and has been rolling out larger core updates since the first core algorithm update in November 2003 – the Florida update wiped out rankings for websites using spammy SEO tactics.

We break SEO down into three key phases. Firstly technical SEO looks at the foundations of the websites and makes sure that the website is working efficiently and it is easy for Google to find the information on the site. Secondly developing great content that appeals to your target audience. Thirdly building your site authority by working on various tactics such as on-site and off-site brand awareness, credibility and quality link building.

Keyword analysis is the process of researching and analysing the best keywords to optimise a specific landing page for.

The benefits of SEO are that the traffic is 100% free and the fact that if you rank at number 1, you are going to make money. Organic SEO tends to provide higher conversion rates on average as users prefer real results to ads.

SEO is not dead, far from it. The landscape has changed, and it is harder and requires lots of effort, but the results are still the same. As long as people are using Google to find services and products, then SEO will be the most powerful marketing tactic available to businesses.

This is a common misconception that if you create a new website, it will automatically be optimised for the search engines and will get top ranking results. Unfortunately, this is in most situations, not the case. I am sure they are out there, but I have not come across a web development agency that can optimise a website for SEO from launch. For businesses serious about their SEO, consult an SEO agency or specialist before you start planning a new website so that you can get the SEO built in from the beginning.

A backlink is a URL link from one website, to your own website. Google likes backlinks as it signals to them that the linking domain believes the landing page on your site is quality. A site that has hardly any backlinks is going to signal to Google that not that many other websites want to be aligned with your website, so Google will prioritise ranking another site that does have lots of backlinks as it figures that site must have better information.

Technical SEO is looking at the foundations or building blocks of a website to ensure it is clean and easy to for the search engines spiders to crawl and index your site. Examples of checks that take place during a technical SEO audit are URL structures, Sitemaps, canonicalisation, use of schema, robots.txt, etc.

On-site content refers to all the content on your website – this could include service landing pages, blogs, news, guides, videos, etc. It is important to ensure all of your on-site content is optimised properly for SEO so that the search engines can find and index the content.

Local SEO is when you optimise a local business or a piece of local content on a website for a specific target location. Effective local SEO uses a combination of on-site optimisation, optimisation of your Google Business Profile (previously called Google My Business), and off-site local link building.

A site migration is the process of transferring search engine ranking and authority when a website undergoes a major change. For small and medium sized businesses, this is most common when updating a website or moving to a different URL. A site migration, if not handled correctly, can have devastating consequences for SEO. If a SEO site migration is carried out, this will minimise any potential effects on search engine rankings and traffic.

Yes optimising your Google My Business (now called your Google Business Profile) does help SEO. The Google local pack is featured above the organic search results, so it means your business is highly visible if you are in the top 3 listed.

White hat SEO is when you follow Google’s parameters – essentially carrying out SEO by the rule book and not trying to cut corners or fool Google’s spiders into ranking your site higher.

Grey hat SEO is when you use techniques to fool Google’s spiders into ranking your site higher. Any website that uses grey hat SEO may see an initial burst of improvement, but Google catches up with them pretty quickly and then you are faced with a long Google Penalty Recovery process.

The Google suite of tools are key for SEO data gathering and results analysis such as GA4 (currently Google Analytics which is being terminated next year), Google Search Console and Page Speed Iinsights. Other top SEO tools include SEMRush, AHRefs, Moz, Screaming Frog, Sitebulb and many more.

Position 0 is when your website landing page is awarded the featured snippet – this is normally when someone answers a question and the first answer is provided in a box at the top of the search results, hence being called position zero as it is above the position 1 of Google’s organic results.