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We help businesses become more profitable by generating quality leads from Google with SmartSprints – the business accelerator service from Smart Monkey.

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Qualified Leads
+57 per month for London Accountant

+61% for Kent Bookkeeping Firm

Accredited and trusted digital marketing experts since 2006

Challenging the traditional agency model

We are redefining the SEO agency model with a more efficient process for delivering organic leads with SmartSprints.

Focus resources

Focusing time and energy on key goals increases the success rate of your search engine optimisation.

Fast-track results

SmartSprints break each goal into projects that fast-track results and take your business to the next level.

Increase profits

Improved visibility means more quality leads that deliver more revenue and a highly profitable business.

Smart Monkey has helped us to grow our business by focusing on the actions that increase enquiries through our website. We have seen a significant increase in quote requests. We are very happy with the results!

Natalie Dore County Stone Granite

Natalie Dore
Marketing Manager
County Stone

In the first 6 months working with County Stone, we achieved:

194% increase

in search visibility

101% increase

in organic traffic

159% increase

in get a quote requests

Your SEO agency lied to you

A typical agency will identify the long-term strategy and slowly work on a trickle of optimisations in the time they have each month. Hands up, we’ve been there ourselves.

Maybe a piece of content once a month, some technical updates spread out over 6 months, an occasional link building campaign every so often. Unless you’re lucky, these can end up taking 2+ years to see any results.

We questioned that traditional agency model. Who wants to wait 2 years to see results from Google?

Which is why we identify the long-term strategy and then work in SmartSprints. SmartSprints break down each goal we want to achieve into projects that fast-track the result.

Don’t wait to gain the benefits of SEO

Goal completions and enquiries increase for a client in first year working with our SEO agency

The competition on Google is getting fiercer
– do you need to step up your SEO game?

SEO is hard, and it’s getting harder. But the trend is clear. Google is making it tougher for websites to rank by punishing low-effort SEO tactics.

The traditional agency model wastes a lot of time either by spreading out tasks aver long timescales or simply spending time on actions that won’t impact your traffic.

Our approach is different. We define the business goal, analyse what actions will give your website the turbocharge it needs, group the priority actions that will move the needle, and report weekly on the results.


Define the goal

First, we establish the key goal that will transform your business. What leads would impact your business profitability?


Insight & Analysis

We do our research and analyse what key actions need to happen to achieve the goal.


Group Priority Actions

We group and prioritise the actions that will give your website the turbocharge it needs to achieve the defined goal.


Analyse & Report

We analyse the results, make sure we are on track and report to you on a weekly basis.

We don’t just do a good job we knock it out the park

The proof is in the pudding…

From zero visibility in London to over 57 enquiries per month for London-based accountancy firm

104% increase

in online enquiries for Sussex stone company

186% increase

in organic search traffic for groundworks contractor

25% increase

in organic search traffic for office space company

61% increase

in online enquiries for Kent bookkeeping firm

Working with Smart Monkey is a pleasure and we have seen a significant uptake in new business enquiries since we began working with them. They took the time to really understand our business, key messages and goals and turned that into a tangible digital marketing strategy to complement our internal marketing efforts. I would highly recommend them to any business looking to boost their online profile.

Helen Down StaySafe

Helen Down

Our organic rankings have improved dramatically through Smart Monkey’s knowledge of best SEO practices and their commitment to getting us results is so important for them. They really do want us to succeed! The team offer us a personal service and punch above their weight in delivery and we value their advice enormously.

Edward Snowdon Needspace

Edward Snowdon

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  • How we put everything you need to know into a format you can understand
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The simple truth is that if you get a website to rank in position 1 on Google, you will make money.

If you are looking for a team of SEO experts who can make that happen for you, you are in the right place.

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