How our PPC services help grow your B2B company

We help grow your business with PPC by getting your site to the top of the search results quickly, for the ‘bottom of funnel’ search terms that drive enquiries. In most cases, we get ads up and running within a few weeks. 

In the majority of cases, we implement paid search campaigns for our organic SEO clients in the early stages of working together. 

We do this because organic search is a long-term strategy. It takes time to build the content and authority on a site to help it move up the rankings naturally. However, most businesses don’t have 6-12 months to see results come through. So we use PPC to bridge the gap and deliver qualified leads and a return on your investment.

Ads also provide useful information – we get more insight in the ad platforms on which search terms deliver the best conversion rate and return on investment. We use this data to get your organic strategy spot on. As SEO is a longer-term strategy, we want to be sure that the search terms we are optimising for, are generating the best enquiries.

The only downside to PPC is that if you are overly reliant on your ads – switch them off, and your lead source stops. By focusing on your natural search rankings at the same time, once your organic search gains momentum and is providing compound results, you have built your own lead source and don’t need to rely on ads.

Our PPC services accelerate your lead pipeline

There is no substitute for experience in developing effective approaches for the most important PPC platforms. Our knowledge of Google and Bing enables us to deliver impressive results for our clients in all sectors.

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Google Ads

Google Ads is the largest of all PPC platforms, and with Google’s huge resources it is continually developing and offering new opportunities for advertisers. Used correctly, it is a powerful, cost-effective way of reaching the right customers for your business.

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Bing Ads

The second largest PPC platform has the potential to capture customers which Google Ads miss. Bing is built into Microsoft devices and is better at handling video content than any other platform, including Google.

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Display Advertising

Display ads give you the opportunity to put your business centre stage, and to maximise response through a combination of compelling text, images and video. Ads not only drive traffic, but can be created to increase conversion once customers visit.

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The tailoring of ads based on online customer behaviour makes remarketing a hugely powerful tool. Businesses can serve ads with more personalised messages and higher relevance, resulting in increased clicks and conversions.

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Google Shopping

We use Google shopping ads to put product images, prices, ratings and the name of your business in front of customers. Properly executed, Google shopping ads give you the edge over your competitors and bring visitors to your website who have a high readiness to convert.

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PPC Audits

During a PPC audit, we scrutinise ad performance, keyword relevancy, budget allocation and targeting settings. We assess ad copy effectiveness, click-through rates and conversion metrics. Identifying areas for improvement, we optimise bids, refine ad groups and ensure alignment with your goals, with the goal of maximising ROI and campaign success.

We help businesses grow with paid search

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StaySafe: Improving visibility driving revenue with SEO




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Oven Rescue: Amplifying visibility through digital PR


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129% increase in online enquiries for Sussex stone company


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Award winning SEO

Proud award winners

We strive to do the best work we can for our clients. The ultimate in job satisfaction is seeing the impact from the results we achieve. To win an award for our work is a lovely cherry on top.

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What is PPC or paid search?

Paid search, PPC, or Pay-Per-Click, is a digital advertising model where you pay a fee each time your ad is clicked. When setting up your ads on Google Ads or Bing Ads, you bid on keywords that your target audience are using to find your service or product. When users search for those keywords, your ads appear at the top of search results, marked as sponsored. 

PPC campaigns are highly customisable, allowing you to target specific demographics, locations and interests. They offer measurable results, with metrics such as click-through rate, conversion rate, cost per acquisition and return on investment (ROI) which helps to guide the campaign optimisation. PPC is a powerful tool for driving website traffic and generating leads.

Having set up and managed paid search campaigns across many different verticals, our PPC consultants know how to make the best use of your budget to deliver results. They know the platforms inside and out and help you get better results with your media budget.

We have a 3-step approach to results-driven PPC campaigns

Results-driven PPC campaigns need indepth research, creativity and execution. We are experts in all three stages, and use our specialist skills, supported by many years of general marketing experience, to create campaigns that deliver on our clients’ goals and ambitions.

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Step 1

Data-led research

We go the extra mile to understand your business, your target market, your priorities and your longer-term goals. We audit your website to evaluate technical performance and user experience, and report on potential barriers to conversion.

We carry out rigorous keyword research to identify the most important keywords. If you are already using PPC campaigns, our audit will cover actions we need to take to increase conversions and optimise the benefits from each click. Our experience allows us to interpret the data we collect, and to form a clear plan of action.

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Step 2

Quality content for adverts and landing pages

We build campaigns with a limited number of keywords so that we have complete visibility on which ones drive the best results. We write ad copy that builds trust in your brand and gives clear reasons for clicking. We generate a clear plan for website improvements to encourage conversions. We put forward proposals for the structure (or restructure) of your advertising account and campaigns on whichever web platform/s you use.

By bringing together purposeful content and technical know-how, we set up your campaigns for profitable performance.

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Step 3

Implement and optimise

Once the PPC set-up is complete, we ensure we have the right tracking in place to measure the performance and provide a basis for future strategic decisions. The moment your ads go live, we collect and monitor data that will enable us to improve your return on investment. From website enquiries and telephone calls to purchases or downloads, we utilise data and conversion tracking to measure which keywords, campaigns and ad groups are driving the most valuable activity.

This data is used to inform our ongoing strategy, continually refining and evolving your PPC campaigns and providing direction for wider digital marketing activity, including natural/organic search engine optimisation, content marketing and social advertising.

We are a Google Partner

As a Google Partner, we are recognised for maximising campaign success for our client base and maintaining clients’ campaigns to drive growth. We undergo a certification process to demonstrate our Google Ads skills and expertise.

As a Google Partner, we have access to exclusive resources, industry insights and we have dedicated support from the Google Ads team. Our clients benefit from working with an agency at the forefront of paid media and whose team members are committed to maximising account performance.

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Why choose Smart Monkey as your PPC agency?

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We are accredited Google Partners
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We adhere to best practice, staying on top of platform updates
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As PPC specialists, we deliver profitable paid campaigns
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We have a high client retention rate


We are a small, independent team of highly focused and experienced experts in PPC and related digital marketing. We are committed to our clients, and don’t have the overheads and distractions of running a big agency. We get results – we will only work with you if we are confident we can help you achieve your goals. If your sector is highly competitive and needs a budget in excess of what’s available to you, we will let you know. We are very approachable and highly professional. We never resort to jargon and obscure tech-speak, so you always know what we are talking about. Clients are in direct contact with the actual team members who work on their PPC campaigns, with no account managers or other staff to get in the way. We know exactly what we are doing – we have been building PPC campaigns for many years.

Our core service is organic SEO linked closely with paid search, content marketing, and paid social – our digital services all work in sync together for our clients. We also offer the perspective that comes from our background in full service marketing. We bring a fundamental understanding of marketing – we know what makes audiences tick. The results we deliver show that we are really good at what we do. We are 100% focused on delivering exceptional digital marketing results for our clients.

Our fees for paid search are based on providing a dedicated resource for the right amount of time every month to achieve the results you are aiming for. We provide our services, where appropriate, from as little as half a day per month. In addition, there are media fees, paid directly to the platform you are advertising on. We do not mark up the media fees, and we always provide recommendations based on your goals and the competition in the advertising landscape. We also look at the cost per click of your keywords and the range of products and services you are offering. We are proactive about optimising campaigns and moving budget to the best performing campaigns. Be wary of the cheapest fees. If a PPC agency is quoting you rock bottom prices (say, £50-£150) to set up and manage your ads, you might not get the results you need for your business.

We create Google Data Studio reports for our clients which include key metrics, and we tailor-make reports to cover all issues that are important to you and your stakeholders. We use Data Studio because it gives up to the minute results and real-time data. The key conversion metrics we report on vary for each client, but are generally enquiries or leads, or orders for ecommerce. We also report on impressions, click through rates, conversion rates, average cost per conversion and average cost per click.

We can’t guarantee results from PPC – it is simply not possible to do so. The best results come after a PPC campaign has run for 2-3 months so that data can be gathered and analysed for optimising the campaigns. Our experience of running many PPC campaigns in multiple sectors gives us a strong indication of how successful a new campaign will be.

PPC is relatively quick to set up, however, we recommend you run your ads for at least 2-3 months to enable us to gather enough data to make decisions on how to maximise the success of the adverts. PPC campaigns need constant optimising, removing negative keywords, assessing how successful each campaign is and moving budget around accordingly, as well as looking for other campaign opportunities.

An experienced and highly skilled team will create and deploy your campaigns. You will deal directly with the people working on your PPC, not an account manager acting as an intermediary.

We have been perfecting our approach to PPC for over 16 years, using data and tools to drive results. We know what makes campaigns work and what doesn’t in many different sectors. We know how to navigate the minefield of setting up campaigns that work on multiple platforms. We are always completely up to date with the different platforms, and we ensure our clients are making the most of their budget. We have a tried and tested process in place that generates results for our clients. There are thousands and thousands of guides, articles, YouTube videos out there that you could use to learn from. However, our clients see the value in using our specialist PPC expertise, so that they can have confidence in achieving results and can concentrate on running their business.

We constantly monitor our clients’ PPC accounts and make small tweaks to optimise the ads daily. We schedule more extensive PPC management time throughout the month to carry out actions such as setting up new campaigns, testing different platforms and exploring further opportunities.

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