What is content marketing?

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The core of successful content marketing is the creation and promotion of original and engaging content that attracts potential customers to your website. Creating great content which improves your organic search positions is the starting point, but our content marketing skills cover the promotion of that content across multiple web channels to gain links and views. As the reach into new audiences extends, traffic to your site and new customer numbers grow.

Our expertise in content creation includes:

  • generating creative ideas
  • writing in the right tone of voice for your brand
  • providing original and unique content
  • creating informative and educational content

We then optimise and deploy content across:

  • organic search
  • digital PR
  • paid search
  • paid social

How B2B content marketing delivers results

A solid content plan is one of the key ingredients in a successful B2B search strategy. 

But content is not just about putting words on a page. Or including your keyword as many times as you can. 

Google wants to provide searchers with helpful content. Content written for people first. Content that demonstrates great EEAT. When you deliver content with this in mind, you reach the top spots on Google. That means more traffic. And that means more qualified leads.

So what is involved in developing a great content strategy?

Right at the start, keyword research helps us understand the search terms your audience is using at different points of their buying journey. Our content plan defines what the intent is behind these search terms. We then copywrite well written, informative and helpful content. 

Content that answers the searcher intent and is easy to read and understand, will mean your visitors spend more time on the page. With a great internal linking strategy, you encourage the visitor to click onto other interesting content on your site and through to your lead generation pages. And great backlinks to the page from digital PR demonstrates content authority.

These metrics all combine to create a landing page worthy of being ranked at #1.

Our content marketing service

With experience working across many different B2B verticals, our content team fully immerse themselves in your business. We take the time to understand what makes you tick and become at one with your tone of voice.

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B2B Content Strategy

We work with our clients to produce six-monthly content plans. We use data-driven research and our marketing experience to prioritise top-level landing pages, and pillar and cluster content. We schedule a programme of content creation and deployment designed to deliver increased traffic and qualified leads.

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SEO Copywriting

We write with clarity and authority about your business and your services. We know how to get the right balance of the priority keyword and semantic search terms, for the most natural optimisation. The result is people-first content that helps improve your organic search rankings, and encourages the reader to take action.

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Digital PR

We use digital PR to drive traffic and gain authority for your website and brand. We distribute content to raise the profile of your business, and to promote brand awareness. We align digital PR activities with SEO, paid search and paid social content to create a consistent brand story across all digital channels.

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Proud award winners

We strive to do the best work we can for our clients. The ultimate in job satisfaction is seeing the impact from the results we achieve. To win an award for our work is a lovely cherry on top.

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Our approach to content marketing

We take a three-stage approach to content marketing. We begin with extensive research, followed by creating a winning strategy. We then implement and optimise your content to deliver authority, traffic and conversions.

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Step one


We kick-off your content marketing project with in-depth research to ensure we deliver sought-after content that increases your online visibility, website traffic and lead conversions.
Our aim is to get under the skin of your business. By listening to you, researching your audience and competitors and gathering data, we uncover and answer your customers’ pain points, what makes your business unique and why prospective customers should choose you.
Keyword research uncovers the transactional or commercial search terms to prioritise (like ‘accountant london’ or ‘lone worker safety app’), as well as the longer-tail keywords your audience still in the research stage are using.

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Step two


The next stage is the creation of your content strategy. We create a clear content plan detailing our recommended actions to reach your audience through the content topics they search for, at all stages of the buying journey.
When creating our content plan, we don’t get lured by vanity search volumes. Our job is to generate enquiries. We often find that the commercial keywords, especially in B2B, have lower search volumes. So getting your site to the top of rankings for these search terms isn’t going to give us a beautiful looking chart. However, these terms have high user intent. Someone searching for ‘accountant london’ is highly in need of an accountant in London.

Before any content production commences, the content strategy enables you to see the activities we plan to carry out, when they are to be implemented and, most importantly, what goals each task will meet.

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Step three

Implement and optimise

We prioritise bottom of funnel enquiry-generating content, before moving on to higher search volume content. The higher search volume content will bring middle and top of funnel traffic. This is where a lead nurturing campaign comes into its own.
We use advanced tracking, and regularly adjust and optimise content, and feed in future strategic ideas to improve performance.
Our team of SEO copywriters produce a wide spectrum of optimised content to increase your online visibility including on-page website content, landing pages, blogs, articles, white papers, guides, videos and infographics. We also undertake technical website optimisation and content outreach.

Search engine optimisation with integrity at our core

What does being an ethical SEO agency actually mean?

Smart Monkey reviews
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It means we will provide honest advice
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We won’t take your money if we don’t think we can provide value
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We won’t suggest you need a new website if you don’t
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We will be completely transparent about our work and results
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We will work our socks off to help you build an even more brilliant business

Why Smart Monkey?

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Well optimised content increases SEO visibility
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Great content increases conversions
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Detailed content delivers better quality leads
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Informative content encourages engagement
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Engaged audiences can be nurtured
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SEO Data & Reporting Tools

• With SEO comes lots of data – it is why we love it – to see what is working and what isn’t for your business objectives
• We invest in industry-leading SEO agency tools for analysis and making informed decisions
• We use specialist reporting tools to learn from your competitors’ successes and failures and to shape your search strategies
• Our jargon-free monthly reports keep you fully informed about the results of the search visibility services we undertake for you


Content marketing includes a range of research, creative and deployment activities which are focused on delivering profitable results for your business. At Smart Monkey, we create content that can be promoted across online channels with the ultimate goal of increasing traffic and conversions. We build top of funnel campaigns to engage your audience with your brand, products and servicesThe copy we write is optimised for search engines to improve natural search rankings. Overall, we align SEO, content marketing, paid search, paid social and digital PR to build a compelling online presence for your business.

We are experts with over 16 years of experience of SEO copy and creative content marketing. Our use of extensive research makes sure the content we produce is going to get results. Many websites are filled with content that no-one is interested in or looking for, resulting in hours of wasted time. By contrast, we use industry-leading tools and many years of experience to ensure the content we work on will engage your target audience. We write compelling, creative, unique copy – we don’t just get words onto a page, we understand your audience and give them rich and relevant information. We are a small independent, agile agency, and we will only work with you if we are confident we can help you achieve your goals – if your sector is too competitive and you can’t compete with your budget, we will tell you. Our team is made up of genuinely approachable people who are down to earth, don’t use jargon and are totally professional. As a client, you have direct contact with the person working on your content campaigns. Our long track record in multiple aspects of digital marketing means you can rely on us to deliver great results for your business.

Our core service is organic SEO linked closely with content marketing, paid search and social – our digital services all work in sync together for our clients. What’s more, we have come from a full service marketing background and so bring a fundamental understanding of marketing – we know what makes audiences tick. The results we deliver show that we are really good at what we do and we are 100% focussed on delivering exceptional digital marketing results for our clients.

Our fees for content marketing are based on providing professional resources for research, strategy, creative, implementation and optimisation. We agree with clients on the right amount of time spent each month to achieve the results you are aiming for. We are also proactive about optimising content and moving resource to the best performing campaigns Be wary of anyone quoting the cheapest fees. If a content agency is quoting you rock bottom prices, they are probably taking too many short cuts and they won’t deliver the results you need for your business.

Content marketing gets traction in a similar time to SEO work. It is a longer-term strategy which needs a minimum of 6 months to deliver early results, with the full benefits coming to fruition in 1 – 2 years. Developing content and link building over a period of time, especially through evergreen content, is a key way of establishing a strong position with Google and other search engines.

We have a team of highly proficient copywriters with many years of experience writing creatively for offline marketing materials, and with the valuable knowledge of how to write and optimise online content for the user and Google – there are plenty of copywriters out there, but not many who can write beautifully, whilst also optimising for search. All of our content then goes through a second person in our team to read through and make any amendments before it is sent over to you for approval.

We have been perfecting our content marketing skills for over 16 years, using data and tools to know what content to write that will help your website get the results you are looking for. We know what makes content and campaigns work and what doesn’t in many different sectors. We know how to navigate the minefield of setting up campaigns that work on multiple platforms. We are always completely up to date with the different platforms, and we ensure our clients are making the most of their budget. We have a tried and tested process in place that generates results for our clients. There are thousands and thousands of guides, articles, YouTube videos out there that you could use to learn from. However, our clients see the value in using our specialist content marketing expertise, so that they can have confidence in achieving results and can concentrate on running their business.

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