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Our digital PR services turbo-charge your digital marketing by generating backlinks which give Google the signals it needs for ranking sites. Among those signals are E-A-T (expertise, trustworthiness, authority), all of which are fuelled by online brand awareness and a strong backlink profile.

We can talk you through how our digital PR services are a serious option for improving the performance of your website and driving your business forward.

As an expert digital PR agency, we focus on establishing backlinks to your site which:

  • Earn authority
  • Drive traffic from a relevant audience
  • Grow brand awareness
  • Establish E-A-T credentials
  • Drive social engagement

Since 2006, our highly skilled team has been delivering digital PR services for small and medium-sized businesses in multiple sectors including accounting, finance, legal, business services, construction and ecommerce. Based in the heart of South-East England, most of our clients are headquartered throughout Sussex, Surrey, Kent and London.

Our experience in digital marketing means we know how to make social media advertising campaigns successful. We use paid social for our clients to drive quick results and connect with carefully targeted audiences.

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Our Digital PR Services

Our approach begins with an assessment of the potential of digital PR for your business by looking at your market and analysing backlinks on competitor sites. We identify which media channels to foster and the types of activity likely to produce the best results.

We generate ideas and research campaigns which are highly relevant and to our clients’ brands and their aims. We run though the potential for different initiatives and agree with clients which to drop, park or pursue. We use our creative experience in copy, imagery and video to ensure they have the highest chance of succeeding in key media outlets.

We target the most important and relevant media contacts so that they are fully aware of the content we create. We look for relevance as well as reach in the channels we approach to help establish E-A-T measures. We have a thorough yet nimble approach to media and will adapt our plans to take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

We focus on journalists, influencers and media sites which have an active interest in our client’s business sector. We also work on media outlets with a presence in the local geographic. As a result, our trade and local campaigns are delivered to an audience which is very relevant, with a high propensity to engage and convert.

We keep on top of opportunities to create campaigns related to events or discussions which are both newsworthy and highly relevant to our clients’ brands. We act quickly and distribute content in time to reach peak audiences, without rushing and compromising on the quality of creative execution. Providing comments, quotes or thought leadership for journalist enquiries helps us to keep a steady stream of brand mentions and backlinks, whilst building a profile for the key people in our clients’ businesses to support their Google EAT.

We create PR campaigns based on expert insights into topics which are closely aligned with our clients’ business activities. Our content can inform, guide or even provoke and become a reference point for education or discussion. Above all, our thought leadership pieces gain traction on the sites we target and underline the authority of our clients.

As a data-driven agency, we always report on the results we achieve so that our clients have a clear measure of the effectiveness of our digital PR campaigns. In fact, measurability is one of the key advantages of digital PR over traditional PR which is notoriously hard to quantify. Our reports also provide an invaluable knowledge base for future campaigns.

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Our approach for transformative digital PR

Our digital PR services follow a three-stage methodology developed and refined by our substantial experience in online and traditional marketing.

Creative ideation

We are fully committed to understanding what makes our clients’ businesses tick. That includes knowing about their brand values, their commercial aims and their customers.

We brainstorm and refine digital PR ideas, and make sure that they:

  • are aligned with the overall aims of the business
  • will provide exciting and interesting stories for journalists and media owners
  • are of real interest to the types of customer our clients are looking for

Once we have identified the topics, we go into detailed research of facts and data to sit behind our creative approach.

Campaign build

We create content with authoritative writing, engaging visuals and infographics, and eye-catching, informative video. We create cohesive and complete campaigns, designed to enrich media channels which link to it, and to engage an audience of existing and potential customers.

We create a list of target publications, individual journalists, bloggers and influencers, based on their areas of specialisation and interest.


Once we’ve created and launched the digital PR content, we actively promote it to relevant journalists and media outlets. We use our proprietary lists of media contacts, supplemented by external databases.

We build relationships with influential individuals in the media who comment on our clients’ business areas and develop contacts who appreciate linking to our high-quality content. We also make full use of opportunities for multiple outreach through aggregated media platforms and distribution channels.

“Our company started working with Smart Monkey earlier in the year and we have been very impressed with how they have helped our business. They created digital campaigns using Google AdWords and LinkedIn that marketed our national conferences and tradeshows. They also worked to optimise our website. All of their hard work led to an increase in visitors for our shows.”

PPMA Limited

Why choose Smart Monkey as your digital PR agency?

  • We are experienced specialists in digital PR, and integrate campaigns with overall digital marketing strategies
  • We carry out data driven research and competitor analysis to identify opportunities for exciting, newsworthy content
  • We generate ideas which strongly support our client’s positions in the business landscape
  • We create digital PR campaigns that include local focus to maximise relevance, engagement and conversions
  • We follow best practice principles on meeting Google E-A-T standards for expertise, authority and trust
  • We develop content which is newsworthy, informational and actionable to help grow our clients’ customer base
  • We have a proven approach to getting highly relevant content in front of the right journalists, influencers and bloggers
  • We are proud to have a high client retention rate, and to receive multiple referrals from our clients
  • Clients are always able to speak directly with team members working on their account, rather than an account manager who doesn’t carry out the work
  • We are extremely ethical and ensure clients have ownership of results, services and technologies, without tie-ins which they do not need
  • We make sure we’re the right agency for our clients, and that our clients are a good fit with us – if the chemistry isn’t right, we know from experience that the relationship won’t work
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FAQs to help you hire the right digital PR agency

Digital PR is the discipline of getting your brand, your services or your product in front of the right audience in online media channels with the purpose of building your website’s authority, and so in turn helping it to rank for your priority keywords. As with traditional PR, you need to get noticed by media decision-makers including journalists, bloggers, influencers and site owners.

What attracts attention is content that meets Google E-A-T criteria and gets on the radar of online channels with the right audience for your business. Effective digital PR is not about creating links indiscriminately – spammy links won’t help your business in any way. Your approach needs to be driven by great ideas distributed with an expert understanding of the most effective ways of doing digital PR.

The focus of traditional PR is on getting brands coverage in media such as newspapers, TV and radio that will build brand awareness, reputation and ultimately drive conversions from the readers. Traditional tools are press releases backed up by personal contacts within print and broadcast.

Digital PR is centred on online media such as news websites and social media, and individuals including bloggers, influencers and online journalists. A key priority is to establish backlinks which increase site authority and improve Google rankings. Digital PR has the advantage of clear targeting and, unlike traditional PR, of measurability through trackable interactions and engagement.

Digital PR is a hugely important piece of the puzzle that contributes to SEO success.

Our SEO specialists tie all the elements of a well-optimised site together to give it the best opportunity of performing well on the search engines. However, a technically clean website with great content but no backlinks will struggle to rank for competitive high search volume keywords. Equally, a site with lots of quality backlinks but a technical issue that prevents the site from being crawled effectively, or content that isn’t targeting the right keywords, isn’t going to perform well either.

Each piece of the puzzle has got to work well together. We are experts at analysing a website and creating a strategy that is going to help it build momentum.

How much digital PR is required will depend on a number of factors such as:

  • How much authority does your site currently have? Does it have a fairly good authority score already or is your agency starting from scratch with a brand new website?
  • How many quality backlinks do you currently have?
  • Have you been hit by toxic backlinks that need to be cleaned up?
  • How competitive is your industry? If your competitors are gaining 20+ links a month on high domain authority sites such as the leading newspaper websites, then you are going to need to commit to a viable level of digital PR activity.
  • Do you have extra in-house support?

It is important not to go with the cheapest digital PR agency you can find – if you see quotes of £350 per month to get you multiple high-quality backlinks, you are highly unlikely to see beneficial results unless you have a niche business with hardly any competitors.

Digital PR takes time and effort to do properly. There is no point putting in a small budget in a competitive industry.

No digital or traditional agency can guarantee PR results. There are simply too many uncontrollable factors such as competitor activities, market performance and external events. What we can do is to follow a proven approach based on over 16 years’ experience of helping a large number of businesses to build their site authority.

It is important to understand that digital PR is a long-term, ongoing strategy and that it takes time and effort to improve authority and rankings. We often start to see results in the first 6 months, but 1-2 years is a more realistic timeframe. Once momentum starts to build, results will come much more quickly.

We have an experienced and highly skilled team, and our digital PR expertise will drive your campaigns forward from the very beginning. You will deal directly with the people working on your digital PR campaigns, not an account manager acting as an intermediary.

We have been perfecting our digital PR skills for over 16 years, and we have a very clear grip on what works and what doesn’t. We have tried and tested processes which have delivered strong results for our clients.

There are thousands and thousands of guides, articles and YouTube videos out there that you could use to learn from. However, our clients see the value in using our specialist digital PR expertise to achieve results more quickly, without having to divert time and effort from running their business.

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With over 16 years’ providing digital services, we know what needs to happen to rank your website on Google – we do it day in, day out, and thrive on seeing the results we achieve. Working with Smart Monkey, you will benefit from:

  • better results online for your B2B, B2C or ecommerce website
  • a mastermind of Google Accredited SEO & PPC professionals on your team
  • direct contact with the talented team members working on your website
  • a small independent, agile agency that treats your business as though it is our own

We don’t take on every client – we will only work with you if we are confident that we can generate results. Fill in our form or book a consultation to set up a call and we will analyse your website, market and competitors to provide our recommendations for the results we can achieve.

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