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Why choose Smart Monkey?

We know what needs to happen to rank your site on Google, so you can concentrate on running your day-to-day business

With over 200 ranking factors, getting to the top of Google search results takes specialist know-how. We know how to improve your position, and stay completely up-to-date with best practice for Google and other search engines. We leave you free to concentrate on running your business – and to service the extra customers that come from a high ranking.

Add a mastermind of Google Accredited SEO & PPC professionals to your team

For B2B clients we drive online results for businesses as diverse as lone worker safety solutions, serviced apartment providers, acoustic hire for events, commercial decorating and more.

We are a dedicated partner who gets results from your digital marketing budget

We are committed to delivering success for our clients, and provide honest, independent advice. We ensure that your budget is spent on the right activities and we never tie clients in to subscriptions and other commitments. We are proud of the number of clients who stay with us because of the quality of our work.

Digital marketing can cause sleepless nights – we help you to rest easy

We are focussed on creating the very best chances of success for your digital marketing. No agency can guarantee results, and any that do need to be challenged, or probably ignored. We are open and transparent about what we can achieve, and you always have a true picture of progress and results without any jargon or lack of clarity.

We make sure your online activity enhances your reputation and your profits

Every business should have a website and use digital marketing showing that they are professional and trustworthy. Technical glitches, poor user experience and weak content damage business reputations and incomes. Our proactive approach to site optimisation means your business will be enhanced and won’t be let down by your online presence.

Is your business a good fit with Smart Monkey?

Some agencies jump at the chance of taking on anyone prepared to pay their fees. By contrast, we get to know your business and your goals. If your sector is too competitive and your budget is too low, we will tell you. But if you meet our criteria and we meet yours, we will look forward to a strong working relationship and helping you to achieve your goals.

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“Our company started working with Smart Monkey earlier in the year and we have been very impressed with how they have helped our business. They created digital campaigns using Google AdWords and LinkedIn that marketed our national conferences and tradeshows. They also worked to optimise our website. All of their hard work led to an increase in visitors for our shows.”

PPMA Limited

Understanding your customers is the key to effective digital marketing

When we take on projects we start by getting to know your business in depth, and how your customers behave online. We share our findings with you and agree on strategies for achieving your digital marketing goals.

  • We use our experience to understand your business through open communications with you and your team, and with in-depth research into your market.
  • We use our technical knowledge to look in detail at how your existing and prospective clients interact with your business and with your competitors.
  • We agree achievable targets, develop strategies and execute campaigns based on digital expertise and our experience of knowing what drives customer behaviour.
  • We share results in open, jargon-free communications and reports, and we make continual improvements to campaigns to further enhance results.

We work principally with small and medium-sized businesses in the south-eastern counties, however, in the modern world, we can work with clients anywhere in the country. Our clients are active in sectors ranging from professional firms, business services and other B2B businesses, to construction, B2C clients looking for consumer leads, ecommerce, and many fields of activity.

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Take the next step to scaling your business growth and book in a call with me today.”

Beth Nash

CEO & Founder

Smart Monkey is a digital agency with much more than purely digital experience

To understand everything that can be achieved through digital marketing, it is important to have a firm hold on marketing fundamentals. Effective digital marketing only comes about as the result of thorough research of markets and customers, with thought-out strategies and with properly executed campaigns.

Results come as the last part of the campaign cycle, but effective marketing doesn’t stop there. Results give insights which feed back into research findings and the development of improved strategies and campaigns. We are committed to continually improving results for clients, and we keep a tight focus on results to do so.

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What makes the Smart Monkey team special?

We are a small, experienced team with a range of general and specialist digital marketing skills. While we have been active in digital marketing for the last 16 years, our approach to effective marketing has been honed over a much longer period of time. We also work on the basis that clients can talk directly to members of our team who are actually working on their account, rather than having to go through an account manager or other personnel.



With a background covering all aspects of marketing, we get to know our clients’ businesses in depth. We delve into a full understanding of how they operate and what makes their customers interact with them.

We use online tools to understand customer behaviour at a general level, and also by smaller cohorts, even down to individual customers. We analyse what’s happening in our clients’ markets, and look at the trends to challenge or to follow.



Research is never an end in itself – it has to be actionable. We put together action plans as detailed strategies with aims, dates and deliverables. We agree plans with our clients and work closely with them. We do what we say will do, on time and on budget.

We monitor results and revise strategies as part of a process of continual improvement. We are proactive in developing revised plans, and communicate them openly to our clients so that they can see how their goals are being met.



We keep on top of the shifting sands of the digital landscape, in particular of developments in major platforms. We fully are committed to understanding the opportunities created by change, as well as the potential pitfalls.

We are experts in all major online platforms including Google and Bing, as well as trading platforms such as Amazon and eBay, and social platforms from LinkedIn to Facebook. We are also use our in-depth knowledge of WordPress, Shopify, Magento to work on websites, as well as using custom content management systems.

We also analyse and optimise websites for technical performance. Glitches around page structure, repeated content and slow loading damage search results, and we help clients iron them out.


Our digital marketing services

Our digital marketing services encompass:

Our planning covers the optimum use of each type of digital marketing. We frequently use strategic combinations of campaigns to achieve results. We create campaigns which focus on how search engines crawl the internet, but also on human users – our copy, for example, seeks to engage people as well as bots.


Results and reporting

We use state-of-the-art reporting tools to measure the effectiveness of individual campaigns as well as strategic approaches. We share reports with clients, talk through the findings and use them as the basis for the next steps we take.

The immediacy of online reporting allows us to respond at pace with changes which will optimise campaign performance. Reporting is an essential tool in digital marketing and we use findings as a driver for improving current campaigns as well as for planning future ones.

Is Smart Monkey right for your business?

One of the areas in which we differ from many digital agencies is that we are committed to making sure we are the right choice for our clients. If we don’t think we are good fit for your business, we will let you know. Experience shows that it’s in no-one’s interest to enter into a working relationship where client and agency aren’t suitably matched.

That’s why we spend the time to understand your business and to assess what we can do for you. We are flexible in terms of the amount of resource we provide, but we will always tell you if your plans do not allow enough time for us to make a difference to your business.

We specialise in achieving results for small and medium-sized businesses – our typical client is a marketing contact or team in a business with 10-250 employees, however, we are ready to discuss what we can do for owner-managed businesses and larger enterprises. To find out if we are the right agency for your business, start by getting in touch for a no-obligation chat.

Where we work

We have an established track record with a variety of clients based throughout Sussex, Kent Surrey and London, however, with the beauty of video conferencing, we can work with clients based anywhere in the world. We are committed to regular meetings and a schedule of strategy and reporting sessions. We are big believers in the value of clients getting to know us properly.

Why Smart Monkey FAQs

At Smart Monkey, we produce strategies which set out overall goals supported by a programme of actions for different elements of the digital marketing mix. We present clients with a month-by-month schedule for technical work and digital marketing activities, with everything presented in a straightforward way.

Our strategic planning gives details of everything we do on your behalf, from minor improvements through to broad campaigns. With clear goals and deliverables, clients can track progress and performance through our comprehensive reports.

We charge on a time basis, with hours allocated to achieving your goals. We are a highly efficient agency without the high overheads of larger operations. As a result, we can offer competitive rates for our time. You will find that we deliver excellent value for money, and we are proud to be known as an agency clients genuinely like working with.

Yes. We are accredited by Google, Bing and also the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Our accreditations confirm our digital and general marketing credentials.

SEO is at the heart of the work we carry out for most clients, and this is supported with content marketing, digital PR, paid media and paid social. Our services cover SEO strategy and audits, as well as local, technical, ecommerce and international SEO. We also provide keyword research, on-site content creation, site migrations, off-page optimisation, link acquisition and outreach, and conversion rate optimisation. See our full SEO services here.

Talk to a digital marketing expert

With over 16 years’ providing digital services, we know what needs to happen to rank your website on Google – we do it day in, day out, and thrive on seeing the results we achieve. Working with Smart Monkey, you will benefit from:

  • better results online for your B2B, B2C or ecommerce website
  • a mastermind of Google Accredited SEO & PPC professionals on your team
  • direct contact with the talented team members working on your website
  • a small independent, agile agency that treats your business as though it is our own

We don’t take on every client – we will only work with you if we are confident that we can generate results. Fill in our form or book a consultation to set up a call and we will analyse your website, market and competitors to provide our recommendations for the results we can achieve.

“Thanks again for the great work you and your colleagues continue to do for me. It keeps the enquiries rolling in and keeps me busy.”

Robinson Elliott Surveyors

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