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What is content marketing?

The core of successful content marketing is the creation and promotion of original and engaging content that attracts potential customers to your website. Creating great content which improves your organic search positions is the starting point, but our content marketing skills cover the promotion of that content across multiple web channels to gain links and views. As the reach into new audiences extends, traffic to your site and new customer numbers grow too.

Our expertise in content creation includes:

  • generating creative ideas
  • writing in the right tone of voice for your brand
  • providing original and unique content
  • informative and educational content

We then optimise and deploy content across:

  • organic search
  • paid search
  • paid social
  • digital PR

Our experienced team provide high levels of skill in multiple aspects of digital marketing. We work with leading brands and thriving SMEs in a range of sectors and we are experts in working with all types of websites, content and ecommerce systems including WordPress, Shopify, Magento, as well as custom CMS’s.

Our content marketing services

Our services for creating and deploying great content are based on over 16 years’ experience of working with ambitious businesses. Our team is fully focused on thorough content planning, copywriting and promotion.

We work with our clients to produce six-monthly and longer-term plans for content creation. We use data-driven research and our marketing experience to generate ideas and schedule a programme of content creation and deployment designed to deliver increased traffic and conversions.

We use state-of-the-art keyword research to identify the most important search terms for your business, including a review of competitors’ keywords. We write with clarity and authority about your business and your services. The result is content which improves your organic search rankings, and which generates a response from visitors to your site.

We use digital PR to drive traffic to your website and gain authority for your website through link building. We distribute content to raise the profile of your business, and to promote brand awareness. We align digital PR activities with SEO, paid search and paid social content to create a consistent brand story across all digital channels.

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Our approach for content marketing delivers results

We take a three-stage approach to content marketing. We begin with extensive research, followed by creating a winning strategy. We then implement and optimise content to deliver authority, traffic and conversions.


Experience shows that to deliver a perfect piece of content, we need to truly understand your customers, your business and your market. We will always kick-off your content marketing project with our in-depth research phase to ensure we deliver sought-after content that increases your online visibility, website traffic volume and lead conversions.

Our aim is to get under the skin of your business. By listening to you, researching your audience and competitors and gathering data, we uncover and answer your customers’ pain points, what makes your business unique and why prospective customers should choose you.

Armed with this information, we develop robust content strategies which you can be confident will deliver positive results.


The next stage is the creation of a methodical content marketing strategy based on our research. We cover the goals for your business, key research findings and the range of opportunities which can be taken. We create a clear content plan detailing our recommended actions to reach your audience through the content topics they search for, at all stages of the buying journey.

Before any content production commences, the content strategy enables you to see the activities we plan to carry out, when they are to be implemented and, most importantly, what objectives each task will meet.

Implement and optimise

In our research phase, we identify the features that make your business unique. However, customers buy benefits, not features, so we ensure that we communicate the advantages of dealing with your business in a distinct and compelling proposition.

We then develop and deploy content across your website and all other online channels. We use advanced tracking, and regularly adjust and optimise content, and feed in future strategic ideas to improve performance.

Our team of professional copywriters produce a wide spectrum of optimised content to increase your online visibility including on-page website content, landing pages, blogs, articles, white papers, guides, videos and infographics. We also undertake technical website optimisation and content outreach. Unlike purely tech-driven agencies, we are experts at getting the balance right between writing for the reader and optimising for the search engines.

“Smart Monkey have provided us with marketing insight and tangible results that exceeded all our expectations at the Half Moon Kirdford. Thanks Beth and your brilliant team.”

The Half Moon, Kirdford

The benefits of content marketing

Content marketing is now recognised by organisations of all sizes as a powerful driver for improved business performance. The benefits of well-planned and well-executed content include:

  • Increased number and quality of leads
    Compelling content encourages more enquiries from an informed audience.
  • Improved conversions
    Great content in the right channels is a proven part of the customer purchase journey.
  • More data capture
    We use informative, gated content to gain valuable audience data.
  • Increased visibility through SEO
    By optimising content for search engines, your site will rank higher in organic search results.
  • Keeping your audience engaged for longer
    Great quality content keeps visitors on your site for longer which is a key measure of engagement with your brand.
  • More cut-through on social media
    Deploy your content through paid social media to build brand awareness.
  • Building trust, authority and loyalty
    Use great quality content to establish your reputation with your readers and keep them loyal, whilst demonstrating your expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness to Google (Google EAT).
  • Content marketing is cost-effective
    The cost of results-driven content marketing is relatively low, especially compared to other online marketing and development costs.

Why choose Smart Monkey as your content marketing agency?

  • We have specialist content marketing skills, with over 16 years of experience of content strategy, creation and implementation
  • We stay completely up to date with best practice content marketing for our clients
  • We are a ‘white hat’ content marketing agency only providing SEO services in line with search engine rules
  • We have high level content marketing skills throughout our team, including in research, creative and data-driven optimisation
  • We are proud to have a high client retention rate, and to receive multiple referrals from our clients
  • Clients are always able to speak directly with the content marketer working on their account, rather than an account manager who doesn’t do the work
  • We are extremely ethical and ensure clients have ownership of results, services and technologies, without tie-ins which they do not need
  • We make sure we’re the right content agency for our clients, and that our clients are a good fit with us – if the chemistry isn’t right, we know from experience that the relationship won’t work

FAQs on how to hire the best content agency for your business

Content marketing includes a range of research, creative and deployment activities which are focused on delivering profitable results for your business.

At Smart Monkey, we create content that can be promoted across online channels with the ultimate goal of increasing traffic and conversions. We build top of funnel campaigns to engage your audience with your brand, products and services. The copy we write is optimised for search engines to improve natural search rankings.

Overall, we align SEO, content marketing, paid search, paid social and digital PR to build a compelling online presence for your business.

We are experts with over 16 years of experience of SEO copy and creative content marketing. Our use of extensive research makes sure the content we produce is going to get results.

Many websites are filled with content that no-one is interested in or looking for, resulting in hours of wasted time. By contrast, we use industry-leading tools and many years of experience to ensure the content we work on will engage your target audience.

We write compelling, creative, unique copy – we don’t just get words onto a page, we understand your audience and give them rich and relevant information.

We are a small independent, agile agency, and we will only work with you if we are confident we can help you achieve your goals – if your sector is too competitive and you can’t compete with your budget, we will tell you.

Our team is made up of genuinely approachable people who are down to earth, don’t use jargon and are totally professional. As a client, you have direct contact with the person working on your content campaigns. Our long track record in multiple aspects of digital marketing means you can rely on us to deliver great results for your business.

Our core service is organic SEO linked closely with content marketing, paid search and social – our digital services all work in sync together for our clients.

What’s more, we have come from a full service marketing background and so bring a fundamental understanding of marketing – we know what makes audiences tick. The results we deliver show that we are really good at what we do and we are 100% focussed on delivering exceptional digital marketing results for our clients.

Our fees for content marketing are based on providing professional resources for research, strategy, creative, implementation and optimisation. We agree with clients on the right amount of time spent each month to achieve the results you are aiming for. We are also proactive about optimising content and moving resource to the best performing campaigns

Be wary of anyone quoting the cheapest fees. If a content agency is quoting you rock bottom prices, they are probably taking too many short cuts and they won’t deliver the results you need for your business.

Content marketing gets traction in a similar time to SEO work. It is a longer-term strategy which needs a minimum of 6 months to deliver early results, with the full benefits coming to fruition in 1 – 2 years. Developing content and link building over a period of time, especially through evergreen content, is a key way of establishing a strong position with Google and other search engines.

We have a team of highly proficient copywriters with many years of experience writing creatively for offline marketing materials, and with the valuable knowledge of how to write and optimise online content for the user and Google – there are plenty of copywriters out there, but not many who can write beautifully, whilst also optimising for search. All of our content then goes through a second person in our team to read through and make any amendments before it is sent over to you for approval.

We have been perfecting our content marketing skills for over 16 years, using data and tools to know what content to write that will help your website get the results you are looking for. We know what makes content and campaigns work and what doesn’t in many different sectors.

We know how to navigate the minefield of setting up campaigns that work on multiple platforms. We are always completely up to date with the different platforms, and we ensure our clients are making the most of their budget. We have a tried and tested process in place that generates results for our clients.

There are thousands and thousands of guides, articles, YouTube videos out there that you could use to learn from. However, our clients see the value in using our specialist content marketing expertise, so that they can have confidence in achieving results and can concentrate on running their business.

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With over 16 years’ providing digital services, we know what needs to happen to rank your website on Google – we do it day in, day out, and thrive on seeing the results we achieve. Working with Smart Monkey, you will benefit from:

  • better results online for your B2B, B2C or ecommerce website
  • a mastermind of Google Accredited SEO & PPC professionals on your team
  • direct contact with the talented team members working on your website
  • an independent and agile agency that treats your business as though it is our own

We don’t take on every client – we will only work with you if we are confident that we can generate results. Fill in our form or book a consultation to set up a call and we will analyse your website, market and competitors to provide our recommendations for the results we can achieve.

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