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The crucial first stage of a search engine optimisation campaign is the research.  Like the foundations of a house, this research provides the solid groundwork on which the campaign will be created and delivered to achieve the business goals.

We ask you the right questions and listen carefully to gain insight into your business, customers and competitors, before carrying out thorough desk-research to build a clear picture of your business landscape, weaknesses and opportunities.

This extensive research based on insight-driven data gathered using a suite of industry tools, enables us to lay out a carefully constructed SEO services strategy designed to achieve your objectives.

During the strategy development, we provide a full diagnosis together with key findings and opportunities highlighted in the research phase and lay out how we intend to tap into these to generate results.

At the core of this is the creation of a content strategy.  This strategy aligns your objectives with the needs of your audience and enables us to develop a pre-planned schedule of work outlining the key deliverables, along with specific actions and when they will be carried out.

We believe in providing you with complete transparency and as such, our schedule of work ensures you know what we are doing, when we are doing it, and ultimately, how the strategy will meet your objectives.

With the defined content strategy complete, we are now empowered to focus on the ongoing monthly tasks and deliverables such as content production, influencer outreach, promotion and ongoing technical SEO.

Throughout the implementation of your campaign, we keep our fingers on the pulse, tracking your web metrics and analysing results to ensure we are meeting our performance goals and to provide you with a clear picture of our activity, achievements and next steps.

Most importantly, these insights are garnered to continually improve your campaign performance and guide priority activity into the content strategy for the next quarter.

Working with Smart Monkey Marketing

We know that with knowledge comes power. We listen closely to you and ask the right questions to fully understand your business and your target audience.  Armed with this vital information, we can implement a measurable SEO campaign that will deliver your business goals.

Working with us, you will receive a schedule of work highlighting your campaign’s priorities on a monthly basis. Right from the outset, we will agree on realistic goals and measurable performance indicators so that you can assess the value our SEO services bring.

Our proactive team of skilled digital marketers stay in constant communication with you to report progress and discuss results and future strategy, whilst our flexible approach means we can respond to data quickly to make informed decisions.

Local SEO is crucial for local businesses

In addition to helping companies increase their organic traffic, we are local SEO experts.  Local SEO focuses on promoting your business to people searching within specific cities, towns and counties.

From the keywords you use and how these are featured in your website content, to your local link strategy, Google My Business and Google Reviews, our local SEO experts have helped numerous businesses to become highly prominent in local search results.

Our goal is to get your business into the crucial top 3 Google Map listings and in turn, encourage potential customers in your geographical area to visit your website, request directions or to call you directly.

Smart Monkey is very professional and can turn projects around to tight deadlines. Their testing of campaigns with the target market has ensured that all of the projects we have worked on with Smart Monkey have delivered big results.

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