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Research shows that organic search accounts for over 50% of web traffic, outscoring all paid search, referrals, email and direct traffic put together. That’s why search engine optimisation is so important for your business.

SEO is the science and art of increasing your online presence. When a search term is entered in Google or another search engine, the results page features a mix of paid for results (ads) and natural results.

Google doesn’t make it easy to master SEO work – they use over 200 ranking factors to determine the position on the page. Our knowledge of how Google works means that we can work on your site and your content to improve your ranking in search engine results. With a better ranking you get more traffic, more conversions and more business.

We are the chosen digital marketing agency for leading brands and thriving SME’s in professional services and finance, workplace services, SaaS and the built environment, with one constant: to deliver tangible business results from our search engine marketing campaigns. Our case studies speak for themselves.

We have the digital marketing services to build your brand online and help you hit your targets.

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Our industry recognised SEO services get you found on Google

Our SEO agency has the experience and expertise to deliver a full range of SEO services for leading brands and thriving SME’s.

We set out ways to improve SEO performance through comprehensive actions covering the multiple factors which determine search results. We develop targets and reports which give full feedback on the impact of rolling-out the SEO strategy.

Technical SEO aspects of a website are vital factors for search engine rankings. To help ensure your website has solid foundations that give it the best opportunity for seo campaign success, we examine and optimise issues such as page speed, structured data, file names, internal links, redirects, 404 errors and XML site maps.

We examine what is behind your current SEO performance and identify key areas for improvement. Focusing on technical SEO, on-site content and backlinks, our SEO audits help us to provide you with the steps that need to be taken immediately, and other important steps for longer-term benefits for your website.

We use powerful keyword research tools to identify keywords which can drive traffic for each of your web pages. We use relevant keywords in places where search engines will find them including headings, web page content, page titles, meta descriptions, alt text for images and URLs.

Optimised content for your services and/or products is essential. If your content isn’t optimised with the keywords people are searching for, Google, and your perfect customers, won’t be able to find it. We ensure you have the right content, targeting the best keywords, to bring the most engaged visitors to your site.

Local SEO drives traffic from prospects close to your business using keywords based on nearby locations, and techniques such as optimising your Google Business Profile. Local SEO is a key priority for many smaller businesses. We help clients become highly prominent in local search results including the crucial top 3 Google Map listings.

We develop SEO for commerce-enabled websites by addressing keyword research and usage, site architecture, page titles, URLs, duplication, dead pages, cross-links, canonicals and multiple other factors that help to increase transactions and revenue.

We work with clients operating internationally and provide solutions for SEO in different territories. We optimise site structures with sub-directories and sub-domains as appropriate, we review and amend URLs for international sites, and adapt content.

With searches on mobiles accounting for over 50% of searches in many sectors, making sure your website works on smartphones and tablets is essential for successful SEO. In addition to our detailed approach to SEO, we review responsive design and mobile user experience.

We are proven experts on core web platforms and content management systems including WordPress and WebFlow. We can also work with clients using bespoke content management systems.

A new website, a change of domain name or moving to a different CMS can seriously affect SEO performance if not handled correctly. We help clients to retain and grow traffic during a site migration, ensuring the process is handled with minimal disruption.

Google penalises websites for reasons as diverse as keyword stuffing, excessive pop-up ads, poor quality content, bad links and poor mobile performance. We know the process that needs to be followed to get a website re-indexed after a penalty, as well as helping websites to analyse and recover from a Google penalty algorithm update.

Conversion rates are a core measure of how hard a website is working, and is measured by enquiries, registrations and sales. We help clients to optimise conversions by analysing visitor behaviour and testing different approaches.

Ready to generate more leads from your website?

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CEO & Founder

Our digital marketing agency has a 3-step approach to transformative SEO

SEO makes a very real difference to the performance of websites and business performance as a whole. We follow three key steps to maximise the benefits of SEO for our clients.

We make sure your website is technically sound

Technical SEO is like building a house – you have to make sure you have the right foundations. When Google crawls a site, technically sound, clean websites are given higher rankings. We make it easy for Google to find and index your site by carrying out an extensive technical SEO audit. We highlight issues and fix problems, either by ourselves or with you chosen developer.

We optimise the quality of your content

We carry out extensive keyword research and optimise the key pages on your site to make sure Google can find your content for the right search terms. Once your core content is in good order, we will build an SEO strategy to target additional search terms and longer-tail keywords, and go on to deliver focussed content marketing campaigns.

We promote your content and authority

Once your content has been created and optimised, we seek opportunities to promote the content through other digital channels such as paid search, paid social, link building and digital PR. Shouting about your content will help your site to build authority, which is a key ranking signal for Google.

Our Testimonials

“Very impressed with the quality of work and the understanding of our business. you have definitely made an improvement to our listings, thank you!”

Managing Director of Performance Foundations

SEO Data & Reporting Tools

  • With SEO comes lots of data – it is why we love it – to see what is working and what isn’t for your business objectives
  • We invest in industry-leading SEO agency tools for analysis and making informed decisions
  • We use specialist reporting tools to learn from your competitors’ successes and failures and to shape your search strategies
  • Our jargon-free monthly reports keep you fully informed about the results of the search visibility services we undertake for you
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Why choose Smart Monkey for your search marketing?

  • We are an extremely ethical SEO agency and ensure clients have ownership of results, services and technologies, without tie-ins to technologies which they do not need
  • We are an award winning SEO agency, and know exactly how to make digital marketing work for our clients
  • We are always on top of the changes rolled out by Google and other search engines
  • We adhere to best practice SEO for our clients, and only provide ‘white hat’ SEO services in line with search engine rules
  • We have high skill levels and expertise throughout our team, rather than inexperienced staff who are unable to make a real contribution to our seo services
  • We are proud to have a high client retention rate, and to receive multiple referrals from our clients
  • Clients are always able to speak directly with the SEO Specialist working on their account, rather than an account manager who doesn’t actually do the work
  • We work with business owners and lots of different roles including marketing teams, marketing directors, marketing managers and web developers

FAQs on how to hire the best agency for your business

We are a small independent team of highly focused SEO experts that get results – we don’t want any of our clients to throw good money after bad, so we will only provide our seo services if we are confident we can help you achieve your goals. We are friendly, down-to-earth and professional – and we have a permanent ban on jargon and tech-speak. Our clients work directly with the SEO Specialists who work on their website. And finally, we have been optimising websites for over 16 years so we know what we’re doing!

Yes, 100% our core service is organic SEO linked closely with content marketing and paid search and social. We have evolved from a full service marketing background and so bring a fundamental understanding of marketing – we know what makes audiences tick. We focus on SEO day in, day out, and the results we deliver show that we are really good at what we do.

SEO costs depend on factors such as the age of your site, its authority and backlinks. Your competitors’ spending on SEO will influence how much you need to spend to keep up with them. If you have in-house expertise, you generally need to spend less with agencies, but it’s also true that costs go up the more ambitious your goals.

Beware of SEO agencies making unrealistic promises and charging unrealistically low prices. SEO takes time and effort to do properly. There is little point putting in a small budget if you are in a competitive industry as your target audience will be unlikely to find you further down the search results.

SEO also needs the right balance of skills and time. An inexperienced team spending 50 hours wouldn’t get you very far, nor would a highly skilled team with a handful of hours. The balance has got to be right.

SEO that delivers great results needs:

  • Strong experience – weak experience gives weak results
  • Plenty of talent – you need to be working with a highly trained team
  • Sufficient time – think in terms of a minimum of 2 days per month to get results

At Smart Monkey, we always go the extra mile to understand our clients’ goals before putting forward our fully costed recommendations for achieving them. We are committed to competitive fees without compromising on the quality of our SEO services and expertise.

We create Google Data Studio SEO reports for our clients which include the key reporting metrics we analyse. We can also adapt our reports to cover any other metrics that are important to you and your stakeholders. We use Google Data Studio because it gives up to the minute results and real-time data.

Our core SEO metric is the increase (or decrease) in organic traffic – growing organic traffic shows our efforts are working.

The key conversion metrics we report on are enquiries or leads, or orders for our ecommerce clients.

We will also look at page views, time on site and other measures of engagement and traffic quality. We also keep an eye on rankings with the caveat that rankings can fluctuate depending on who is searching.

It is simply not possible to guarantee SEO results. Google has over 200 ranking factors and there are too many uncontrollable elements such as competitor activity and market volatility. Approach any SEO agency promising they will get you to number one on Google with caution.

How quickly you will see SEO results is difficult to accurately predict – we can only go from the results we have achieved for other clients and even then, there are so many factors that could influence the timings. No website is the same and SEO results will depend on a number of factors – for example, a brand new website in a competitive sector could take years to see results, whereas a website that has been around for many years, has a good natural backlink profile, will most likely respond more quickly to SEO work. We often start to see results in the first 6 months, but really, 1-2 years is a sensible timeframe to see more meaningful results. SEO is a long-term strategy and improvements in SEO take time and effort to achieve. Once momentum starts to build, results come much more quickly

We have built up a highly skilled and experienced team of digital professionals who will be working on your SEO. You will deal directly with the SEO Specialists working on your SEO, not an account manager acting as an intermediary.

We have been perfecting our SEO skills for 16 years so we know what works and what doesn’t and we have tried and tested processes in place that generate results for our clients. There are thousands and thousands of guides, articles and youtube videos out there that you could use to learn yourself, but our clients see the value in taking us on as their SEO agency so that they can see the results more quickly and can concentrate on running their business.

Talk to a digital growth expert about your business goals

With over 16 years’ providing SEO services, we know what needs to happen to rank your website on Google – we do it day in, day out, and thrive on seeing the results we achieve. Working with Smart Monkey, you will benefit from:

  • better results online for your B2B, professional services or SaaS website
  • a mastermind of Google Accredited SEO & PPC professionals on your team
  • direct contact with the talented team members working on your website
  • an independent and agile SEO team who treat your business as though it is our own

We don’t take on every client – we will only work with you if we are confident that we can generate results. Fill in our form or book a consultation to set up a call and we will analyse your website, market and competitors to provide our recommendations for the results we can achieve.

“Thanks again for the great work you and your colleagues continue to do for me. It keeps the enquiries rolling in and keeps me busy.”

Managing Director & Owner – Robinson Elliott Surveyors

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